Grazie for your interest in our approach to beauty. It’s an approach that accepts the true meaning of words like “curves” and “real”. One that questions the concept of perfection, and celebrates the daily practice of loving yourself for who you are—by offering simple, affordable services for him, for her, for everyone.

Benvenuto, you are in Pulsazione.

Colourful Bellezza

As you can see, we like colour. Our palette has been inspired by an era when curves were synonymous with beauty. Everything from our stores to this website are a reflection of the vibrant, positive atmosphere we’d like to share with you.

One Price. Simple

One price, one session, one body area. It’s not just a pricing system—it’s also a statement of simplicity and transparency. And  it applies to everything we do: the tone in our communication, our business model, our customer interaction—everything.

Franchise Opportunities

If you like being a Pulsazione customer, wait till you see what it’s like being part of our family! Contact us and let us walk you through our fast-growing yet straightforward business model. It’s a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurial spirit in you.